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Pastel Mosaic

Pastel Mosaic

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This setof 36 wood blocks in a beautiful pastel colour palette is a perfect first building set for little ones! The chunky cubes are easy to grasp and will delight babies, toddlers and older kids alike. Encourage your child s feeling for colours and forms, 3-dimensional thinking and spatial learning through block play. These blocks in your child s hands will assist in fine motor development as they handle, stack and sort them, and as they grow, their creativitywill lead the way as they design new worlds of their own imagining! Combine with other Grimm s items to extend the building possibilities. Crafted in Germany by Grimm s Spiel und Holz Design using FSC-certified sustainably harvested linden wood. Each cube measures 1.6 inches on all sides (4 cm); frame measures 10.5square. Block size is large enough to make them safe for year & up. Coloured with certified non-toxic, water-based stains on unvarnished wood, which allow the natural grain of wood to show through, and give toys their beautiful matte, slip-resistant finish. Wooden toys provide a wonderful sensory experience and are are naturally anti-bacterial. Expand the building possibilities by combining these cubes with other Grimm s items, especially Grimm s Building Boards. 36 Cube Mosaic Square is available in original Rainbow colours. About Grimm s: Spiel und Holz is a family company in Germany that produces top-quality heirloom toys from organic materials including sustainable sourced wood. These toys encourage exploration, open-ended play, and inspire creativity in children. Drawing inspiration from the Waldorf/Steiner education philosophy, Grimm s advocates learning through thoughtful, creative play at an unhurried pace. Natural, open-ended toys with minimalist designs leave plenty of space for children s fresh creativity. New fantastic worlds can be continuously created, keeping pace with childrens natural, healthy development.

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