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Cut Deal Kade

Patio Chair Color: Ice

Patio Chair Color: Ice

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Agatha brings youthfulness, innocence, and spontaneity to s doors, being its first Kids collection. The designers characteristic icons are discerned instantly by our simple, sweet, and refined shapes. This is a funny, creative and optimistic collection, set out in child-like terms: flowers, hearts... This kid s furniture collection consists of three basic components: a plant pot, a table, and a mini chair. A flower with large petals is what makes up this table and planter pot, which are accompanied by heart-shaped stools. Its highly resistant material allows for exterior use, making it possible to enjoy it in the outdoors, or as a playground area. A dream-like garden where the vitality, imagination, and ingenuity of children will become contagious is created thanks to these striking designer items.

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