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Cut Deal Kade

Paw Patrol Adventure Coaster

Paw Patrol Adventure Coaster

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Begin your PAW Patrol mission with an exciting coaster ride aboard the PAW Patrol Adventure Coaster! Featuring Chase the police pup, this roller coaster toy for toddlers is ready for adventures indoors or outdoors. Coaster track pieces easily snap into place with the two stairs, creating a platform with recessed wheel wells that hold the coaster car until your little one is ready to ride. Tons of PAW Patrol thrills await with Chase as kids cruise down over 3 meters of coaster track to save the day! Theyll practice gross motor skills by pushing the coaster car back up onto the platform, as well as balance and hand-eye coordination while riding the coaster car. The Chase police pup theme coaster car features a high back, handrail, and foot rests for a safe, secure ride down the track; or for use off the coaster track as a riding toy! Plus, the coaster car has flashing lights and sounds from the PAW Patrol tv show for even more playtime fun with their favorite character.

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