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Pbp2005 One+ 18v Lithium-Ion 4.0 Ah Battery (2-Pack)

Pbp2005 One+ 18v Lithium-Ion 4.0 Ah Battery (2-Pack)

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These ONE+ 18V Lithium-Ion 4.0 Ah Batteries provides up to 3X more runtime compared to our 1.5 Ah standard lithium-ion battery. It is compatible with over 280 18V ONE+ Products to power you through all types of projects. It features professional grade lithium-ion cells to provide fade free, cord-like power. It performs in extreme weather temperatures and is engineered to be impact resistant. This battery also features an integrated LED fuel gauge to check your battery charge at all times. Best of all, it s a part of the ONE+ System of over 280 Cordless Products that all work on the same battery platform.

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