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Pcs-12.2 - Home Mechanic Bench-Mount Repair Stand

Pcs-12.2 - Home Mechanic Bench-Mount Repair Stand

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Working Mode PCS-12.2. Work stand for professional or home workshop, for table mounting. The clamp can?grap?over 25-76mm and can take tubes in many shapes. In addition, the clamp can be rotated all the way around, making it possible to grip any pipe and then orient the bike as you like. The work stand is made in strong quality. Can be mounted on any flat surface. The distance from the clamp to the center of the mounting plate is approx. 30 cm. The height from the mounting plate to the clamp is approx. 25 cm. It can hold up to 36 kg. as long as what it is mounted on can withstand this.

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