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Pd-Fsqn-Wh Caseta Wireless Smart Fan Speed Control White

Pd-Fsqn-Wh Caseta Wireless Smart Fan Speed Control White

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Controls 1 hardwired ceiling fan Replaces existing fan switch Adjusts fan speed, and turns fan on and off (does not control lights) Save fan speed preference with the favoritebutton at the center Pair with the Fan Pico remote (sold separately) for wireless control from anywhere around your home Neutral wire required Claro wallplate and wall mount kit sold separately Personalization Add personalized scenes to control multiple lights, shades and fans together at the touch of a button. Scheduling Schedule lights, shades and fans to adjust automatically at set times of the day. Turn on your porch light at sunset and turn it off at sunrise. Turn lights on to a soft level and slightly raise shades every morning as you head into the kitchen for coffee. Geofencing The geofencing feature controls lights, shades and fans based on your location. Maybe you always leave the entryway lights on as you head out the door in the morning? Geofencing will turn them off for you once youre out the door. It can also turn lights and fans on for you when you come home. Voice-Activated Convenience Alexa, turn on fan Ok Google, turn off fan. Hey Siri, all fans on! Caséta integrates seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit to give you hands-free control of your lighting. Life just got simpler. Control from anywhere Control lights, shades, fans and temperature in the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world – the office, the airport, the beach – so lights arent left on or shades arent left open when youre away.

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