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Peak Air-Dried Beef Dog Food 8.8 Lbs

Peak Air-Dried Beef Dog Food 8.8 Lbs

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Ziwi Peak Beef Air-Dried Dog Food Many pet owners search far and wide for a dog food that will keep their beloved pet in the peak of health and that will also keep him interested in his meals! Ziwi Peak Beef Air Dried Dog Food is the perfect solution. Its pure, all natural ingredients are the best that New Zealand has to offer, and many have found that they are the key to good digestion, lots of energy and a dog that is happy to eat. Plus, air dried food offers a high number of servings per pack and is highly digestible, meaning you get more bang for your buck than kibble or freeze dried food! Free-range cattle roam New Zealands beautiful green farms, grazing year round and thriving on humanely managed farms. It is in these conditions that the cleanest, most nutritious ingredients are achieved. Pure beef and beef organs make up 98% of Ziwi Peak Beef Air Dried Dog Food, plus some New Zealand green mussels for natural glucosamine and chondroitin. There are no grains or fillers in this food, just the raw ingredients that make up a perfectly balanced meal for all life stages. Air drying is one of the keys to Ziwis exceptionally nutritious pet foods. This ancient method to preserve meats is slow and gentle, ensuring all the good stuff stays in the food. It eliminates the need for artificial preservatives or glycerins while protecting your pet from bacteria like e.coli, salmonella and listeria. Air drying gives Ziwi Peak Beef Air Dried Dog Food a 21 month shelf life and makes it very convenient to feed. Just scoop your dogs food straight from bag to bowl and enjoy knowing that his meal is every bit as nutritious and digestible as a raw diet! After feeding your dog Ziwi Peak Beef Air Dried Dog Food you might notice that his coat is shinier, his eyes are clear, digestion has improved and his energy is up! These are all signs of a thriving pup, and youre sure to love seeing them as much as your dog loves devouring his meals!

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