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Peel And Stick Wood Wall Cladding - Ebony

Peel And Stick Wood Wall Cladding - Ebony

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NaturaPlank Peel + Stick Wood Panels bring the beauty and benefits of nature indoors in a fresh and modern way. Stained to create texture and depth for a warm and inviting space, these peel and stick wall coverings are made of natural, organic, and sustainable wood with air purifying qualities. The 3M adhesive and easy DIY installation offers limitless installation options to instantly transform the look of your space in a matter of moments (and with almost no clean-up). All you need is a tape measure, level, and a way to cut the panels to size. This set includes 10 panels covering 16.25 square feet. Made with sustainably forested Canadian lumber, these panels are semi-permanent and designed to stay put for an average of 10 years. NaturaPlank wood panels are suitable for indoor use only, and should be installed on painted or primed, clean, dry, flat, and smooth surfaces. Use them to spruce up your walls, cupboards, or even your ceilings and create a stunning natural feature to reinvigorate your home décor.

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