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Performance 01-04 Gm Duramax Powerflo Lift Pump

Performance 01-04 Gm Duramax Powerflo Lift Pump

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It s the only in-tank lift pump capable of supporting up to 800 hp, including dual CP3 pump configurations! The PowerFlo assemblies retain the factory water-in-fuel sensor, factory fuel heater, and factory fuel lines and installation takes half the time of other high-flow pumps. Two is always better than one, and the PowerFlo delivers with two OEM-quality gerotor pumps, increasing flow capacity and reliability over the factory pump. The active fill bucket eliminates the need for tank sumps, draw straws, additional air filtration, and the 1/4 tank issues typically encountered when seeking a higher flow lift pump to meet your engine s need. Order the Performance PowerFlo in-tank lift pump assembly recommended for your vehicle.

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