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Performance Allilocker - Allison Torque Converter Controller

Performance Allilocker - Allison Torque Converter Controller

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Fits 2001-2015 Allison Equipped GM TrucksControl your torque converter from the palm of your hand with the AlliLockerT from Performance Engineering.The AlliLockerT is 100% code free* when used on the track and allows you to bypass the TCM to lock/unlock the torque converter on demand. Turn the bypass switch off, and the TCM regains control of the torque converter clutch. *The AlliLocker is NOT desinged to be used on public roadways. If used on public roadways, the AlliLocker may set a DTC causing a range shift inhibit. This can typically be cleared by a key cycle. When used on the sled pull or drag race track, where there is only one lock event, the AlliLocker will not cause a range shift inhibit.

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