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Performance Lightweight Pants For Men - True Timber Kanati - 2xl

Performance Lightweight Pants For Men - True Timber Kanati - 2xl

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Discover stealth performance so effective, your target might just stumble onto you. Performance Lightweight series brings a true leap in concealment and layering to your hunting clothes, with a full-season selection optimized for precision pairing and complementary performance. Performance Lightweight Pants for Men deliver outstanding early-season shell performance or layering benefits in the later months. Lightweight 100% polyester construction with several fabric innovations combines fast drying power, moisture-wicking, and embedded scent-suppressing technology to reduce your scent signature and neutralize game s natural advantage. Handwarmer pockets, 2 crucial silent-snap cargo pockets, and 2 zip rear pockets store plenty of gear. It s time to step up your hunting clothing system to the higher standard of Performance Lightweight Pants for Men. Machine wash. Imported. 100% lightweight polyester construction; Perfect as an early-season shell or mid- to late-season layer; Scent-reducing technology; Fast drying; Moisture-wicking; Handwarmer pockets; 2 silent-snap cargo pockets; 2 zip rear pockets; Helps reduce odors; does not guarantee 100% odor elimination;

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