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Perfumed Bracelet Tam Dao

Perfumed Bracelet Tam Dao

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Diptyque Tam Dao Perfumed Bracelet is a woody tools for men and women. This perfumed bracelet fastens and unfastens easily thanks to its removable closure. You can wear it as you prefer, based on the desired length and your mood.Remember the perfumes of the temples and forests, the fog and the tropical torpor of Tonkino. For its sensual and enveloping scent the sandalwood is the most sought after among the sacred woods. It evokes the places where Yves Coueslant, as a child, was breathing the air of the mountains of the northern province of Indochina. Unlike other perfumes Diptyque, Yves Coueslant and Christiane Gautrot to create Tam Dao have turned to woodsy, oriental and intense notes as only sandalwood can be, without sophistication, simply playing on its authenticity.

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